Public Relation

PR or Public Relation is not always about truth, it is more about shaping perceptions and creating a likeable public face.

PR (Public Relation) is the  acronym for the  profession of  Public Relations strategies or actions.  In many parts of the modern world PR or Public Relations is the basis of good business and clever ( and not so clever ) political machinations.

Public Relation

Without a PR (Public Relation) person or department many a star would battle to remain in the eye of the public; their popularity is directly related to their PR (Public Relation) person or ‘spin doctor.’ A lot of public relations work is done behind the scenes and is linked to other professions such as advertising, branding and marketing to create a unified and positive public image. If one of these departments gets it wrong the public image or popularity of the brand, company or public figure can drop either gradually, as the public lose interest. Or as is more often the case  in the fast paced world of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and 24/7 online media the ‘fall from grace’ can be instantaneous.

Very often, the PR business is about damage control. The ability to act decisively and think on your feet is an asset to any Public Relations Officer who works for a high profile client. Celebrities regularly screw up and this gets them in the media, but the effect has to be monitored and delicately handled to keep the celebrity marketable. The public is fickle  and a celebrity needs to stay in the public eye to build a fanbase and grow his or her box office marketability; good news is also the realm of the celebrity PR. Big business needs a ‘face’ that the public will respond to in a positive way. A company that is accused of pollution and negligence will rely on their PR machine to find a way to change the way they are perceived by the public, especially if bad press is affecting their profitability. PR or Public Relations is not always about truth, it is more about shaping perceptions and creating a likable public face.

PR is the professional creation, development and maintenance of a good or favourable public image by a public relations firm, organization or person. Look to if you are looking for branding for your company.

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